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Reels are a new feature of Instagram that has absolutely exploded in 2021.

As Instagram has announced that it is no longer just a photo sharing app, more and more people are starting to incorporate video into their content strategy.

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Here's Why You're Not Making Reels

Camera Shy

You are not comfortable in front of the camera, so you put off creating reels. The thing is, you only get comfortable after you start doing them, not before. It’s totally ok if your first reels are not perfect. Reels are not supposed to be serious or even that professional looking.

I'm Too Busy

You feel like you don’t have enough time to create reels. The thing is, creating reels doesn’t have to take much time. The more you do it, the faster you will get at creating them. It’s also a great idea to batch create multiple reels in one sitting. This will help you be more efficient and create reels more consistently.

Overthinking It

Your mindset is holding you back. You think you are not good enough to create reels, when in fact all you need is a bit of practice. Stop overthinking this and just start creating. Again, it’s not supposed to be perfect.

Our Promise

We can almost 100% guarantee that 4 amazing things will happen if you challenge yourself to commit to doing 15 Reels in 30 days.

At least one of your reels will get 1,000-100,000 views

You will have increased reach on your page

You will get a ton of new followers

You will get more comfortable on camera

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